Obzidian 2006 5-butt tokaji Asszu

2006 5-butt tokaji Asszu

Hercegkút, Tokaj-Hegyalja

This is an aszu, which is founded on upon Hegyalja’s century-long traditions, but doesnt’t lack fruitness or fresh character either. It’s elegant and bouquet, relies primarily upon dried fruits, but the crystallized grapefruit and citric notes are also determining. Metallic and fire –stone minerality, and its exiting herbaceous and medicinal character make it even more complex.

Besides its exciting aroma, the real greatness of this wine is produced by the balance between the natural residual sugar content and the lively acids. Its elegance can sweep many people off their feet, it doesn’t win people’s hearts because it’s incredibly creamy and full-bodied, but rather because it is concentrated and has depth and harmony.

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