2007 tokaji dry Szamorodni

2007 tokaji dry Szamorodni


Classification of genuineness: OEM wine speciality

Wine region: Tokaj-hegyalja

Grape variety: furmint based

Vintage: Adding choice grapes dried on the vine to the ordinary must did the szamorodni good, from this respect it is an excellent vintage.

Style: traditional, still modern, fruit prevalence, powerful, aromatic, minerally

Character: The basis of the style is given by the lengthy seasoning in barrels. The wine shows the classical szamorodni characteristics: green wallnuts and starch accompanied by the aromas of the barrels. As it opens up more and more distinctive features reveal themselves: mushroom, dried herbs, green herbs notes.

Meal accompaniment: Chanterelle or bolette risotto. It is also excellent in itself as an aperitif, but it can be recommended at the end of a meal together with a good cigar.

Possible seasoning: 2020