2013 dry Furmint

2013 dry Furmint

Hercegkút, Tokaj-hegyalja

It’s a medium lemon-coloured, clear white wine. It has the aroma of with minerals earth-pear, it’s minerally (tuff,fire-stone),floral, stone fruit, green fruit (granny smith , gooseberry) and citric (lemon, lime grape-fruit) notes. The characteristies of this genre and wine-growing region are easily recognizable. Medium intensive aroma.

The wine truly reflects the 2013 vintage when you taste it: rather vibrant acids support the wine, besides the ripe fruitiness there is a hint of honey, but simultaneously also green fruits manifest themselves. I must confess it is reminiscent of a fresh and spakling Kabinett from somewhere in the Mosel region, maybe with a bit less sugar. A very clean wine with essential character, expressive fruity aroma and minerality. A medium body, lively slightly unrestrained acids, moderated and proportional alcohol on the palate. It’s a young, still developing Furmint still showing the momentum and unrestrainened character of a young mustang. The acids still dominate the wine buti f they calm down they will ensure proper support for this dynamic, aromatic furmint for years to came. The aftertaste is longer than avarage, it’s fruity, salty-minerally.

It has elegance, young spirit and strength, and potential to develop into retail bottles. It’s not the kind of wine made from ingredients originating from a unique, inimitable, handkerchief-size parcel of land, it’s a property wine. It brings together the best qualities of several territories, but even so it can’t deny its origin. It”s very drinkable, great volue for money, it’s a treat to síp. Because of the vibrants acids it can be used also in gastronomy. It can be excellently be paired also with substantial dishes not lacking fat either.

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