2014 semi dry Furmint

2014 semi dry Furmint

Hercegkút, Tokaj –Hegyalja

This category has been one of the signal wines of this winery, for many years. It’s no accident.

Athough the cellar also produces, for example, vineyard-selected wine from Lapis, this is the wine that exprisses the philosopy of the winecellar : aroma, characteristics of the gerve, terroir-spices. The manufacture makes no secret of its aim to show Hegyalja’s aromatic, popular face ( Int he best sense of the word), wich will enable the substantial message of the wine region to reach a lot of people.

It’s a wine with medium intensity, it’s friendly, aromatic. Sweet herbaceous stewed pear, naseberry,metallicity, decent smoky aroma. This wine spreads the mood of autumn, it’s perfectly suitable for some contemplation, but by means does it bear the marks of mortality. It’s a young, developing wine, which is ready for consumphon, but has reserves too.

In the mouth the first taste round, rich in juicy fruits, while the finish is citric with sour bonbon notes. It is an explicity aromatic wine with good flavours and perfect balance of some gramms of residual sugar and vibrant acid. The aftertaste is medium long, fruity, metallic-salty- minerally. It can be used well in gastronomy in many ways, either using of its fruitness generated by the residual sugar or the proper acids or its mineral subtance.