Tokaj wine of the linden-leaf grape 2015

Tokaj wine of the linden-leaf grape 2015


Classification of genuineness: OEM semidry white wine

Wine region: Tokaj-hegyalja

Grape variety: linden-leaf

Vintage: Warm vintage, which presented the cellar with ripe fruit. Balanced, rich, still elegant wines can be produced from this vintage.

Style: aromatic, palatable, full, flowery, spicy, elegant, varied, rich in delicate harmon

Character: This is our first wine of the linden-leaf grape, we are very proud of it. We believe in the strength of furmint, but we also trust the delicate harmony, versatility, elegance and finely chiselled ornamentation of linden- leaf more and more. This wine suggests that this grape variety in good hands can produce excellent, elegant, wide ranging dry wines. Its fragrance can be associated with linden-leaf fine spices such as rosemary and coriander, there are also aromas resembling white pulp fruits, there is the volcanic spiciness of Hegyalja, it is metallic and smoky. Elegant on the nose with rich but fine ornamentation. It is full on the palate, but the síp is not too heavy. The residual sugar highlights the fruity notes especially that of apricot but we can detect some mango as well. It is nicely spicy on the palate, the metallic features make it even richer. Fine, still powerful, aromatic wine, we recommend it to those who like the spirit of this grape variety. The discreet residual sugar gives the wine a slightly mild character, which gives an excellent experience also to those who don’t look for acids by all means.

Consumption temperature: 10-12 Celsius

Meal accompaniment: Tasting it together with rosemary seasoned lamb can be a special experience. It works well with comté or seasoned cheddar too.

Possible seasoning: 2020

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