2015 yellow Muscat

2015 yellow Muscat


Classification of genuineness: OEM semidry white wine

Wine region: Tokaj-hegyalja

Grape variety: yellow muscat

Vintage: Warm vintage, which presented the cellar with ripe fruit. Balanced, rich, still elegant wines can be produced from this vintage.

Style: aromatic, flowery, flirting, tempting, joy of everyday, delicate harmony

Character: The wine manifasts the floral and fruity features so typical of this sort of wine. Fine, flattering fragrance, which immediately turns the head of its enthusiasts. Intensive but not intrusive muscat fragrance with fresh dessert grapes, green apple and citrusy aromas. Its bouquet reveals that it originates from volcanic soil. Its salty, minerally-metallic character perfectly seasons the wine, giving it excellent ornamentation. The metallic notes, especially the saltiness are also present in the flavour, perfectly contrasting the flatteringly sweet notes. It is exciting vibration that we wish to experience again and again. Medium bodied, fairly bright acids with moderate alcohol. It’s harmonious, palatable, every sip brings a smile to our face. We recommend this wine first of all to those who like the really fine aroma and flavour of the yellow muscat. It’s a perfect wine to have a rinse after your daily business.

Consumption temperature: 10-12 Celsius

Meal accompaniment: Perfect accompaniment of Asian dishes. It’s a pleasure to drink some glasses of it with fruits of the sea. As for cheese some soft cheese of fresh character can be recommended.

Possible seasoning: 2018

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